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At White Dove we are connected to the vision of the church and join together with other people to fulfill the vision. To get connected with this powerful vision we invite you to visit our church and see personally what God is doing here, then immediately after the service, we will meet with you and answer any question or concern you may have and serve a light refreshment. We will ask that you pray and ask Gods guidance to make sure that this is the right church for you. If you choose to join, we will also take you through a class that gives you details about our beliefs, our structure, and our purpose; then you will be taught on spiritual gifts so that you can put your talents to use as we plug you in. To sign up please go to the forms provided.

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Small Groups

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Small groups gives you the opportunity to connect with people socially and spiritually , it gives you a chance to grow, mature and have a closer walk with God. It also gives you a chance to discuss issues and solve them as may not be able to discuss in a larger group. You will also study the Bible, pray, and fellowship with each other over a light meal. Small groups meet with one another once per week in a safe environment or at the home of a member.

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