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The mission

To empower the less priviledeged, the marginalized and the oppressed, to be a voice for the voiceless, and to balm the wounds of the hurting.

The Vision 

To acheive the mission it will be in 3 tier systems
A) Educational Concern
      1. Pre-School
      2. Elementary
      3. Middle School
      4. High School
      5. Vocational Schools
      6. Prep School
      7. Private Academy
      8. Bible Colleges

B) Health Concern
      1. Hospital
      2. Clinic, mobile clinic, mobile x-ray room
      3. Battered Women Shelter
      4. Elderly Homes
      5. Dialysis Center
      6. Pregnant Teen Shelter
      7. Abused Children Home
      8. Hospices
      9. Health Awareness & Campaign / Prevention Education
     10. Nutrition & Physical Activitites

C) Benevolence
      1. Establishment of Biz to take care of the needy
      2. Orphanage Homes
      3. Feed the Harvest
      4. Cloth the Harvest
      5. Empower the less priviledged
      6. Educate the less priviledged
      7. Medically Care for the less priviledged
      8. Enteprenuship Endeavors

White Dove International Ministries
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Bible Study & Prayer
Wednesday 7:00 p.m.

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